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Following the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 late last year, the interest for marathons, fitness and generally a healthier lifestyle seem to have taken a trend amongst a few friends. It appears that the country in general is on this fitness frenzy bandwagon. There is a sudden sprout of sporting events and in today's Straits Times; gym memberships have increased despite a weakening economy. Many are turning to exercising with more free time at hand or to keep sane with higher stress levels.

For me, fitness is about fun, about relaxation, about fellowship and keeping the body functional. I don't have a strong competitive spirit in sports, but when put in the spot (as I witnessed in fencing), my winning drive takes over.

Thus the recent Tribob Singapore Mini/Sprint Aquathlon didn't really appeal to me. The Mini Category was a 200m Swim with 2.5km Run while the Sprint Distance a 750m Swim and 5km Run. Such events are also costly, around SG$45 - $70. I'd reserve my dough for the bigger, more prestigious events in the year. Hopefully with a company sponsorship!

While I wasn't roughing out in the waters and tracks of Sentosa, it was still great fun supporting from the sides. This time round, I was also Wei Sian's designated photographer for his post to SG Runners.

Take a look at the event album

Tribob Aquathlon 22022009 39Tribob Aquathlon 22022009 36
Congratulations to Wei Sian who clocked the Sprint in 39:10min. Ranking a very commendable 7th. Wendy, clocking the Mini in 27mins 11secs. Ranking 108. Proud of you guys!

Tribob Aquathlon 22022009 03
Lots of participation from Ang Mohs. Swimmers doing the 700m in the background. It was a great family outing. Loved how chill the atmosphere was

Tribob Aquathlon 22022009 18
Swimmers emerging from the waters toward the transition area before sprinting away in the run

Tribob Aquathlon 22022009 02
Supporters near the finishing line

Tribob Aquathlon 22022009 33
Eric coming through

Tribob Aquathlon 22022009 44
Wei Sian with his finisher medal

We hung around for the award ceremony (considering I was in charge of photography...) and were totally disgusted with the prizes... winners get 1/2 a dozen of bottled "water" (prob cost $4.50 at the supermarkets), a rather ugly looking medal, and AGU cycling shorts (for the men) and a shocking pink skirt (for the women)! Even I wouldn't wear the skirt if I ever won it! And seriously, what's with the WATER?!?!?!

Lots more sporting action happening - Eric will complete the Sprint Duathlon and Triathlon, Keason is training for the AVIVA Half Ironman, the 'Fun Sophisticated Princesses II' are in for the Adidas Sundown Marathon Team Challenge and Wei Sian will rope us in for the more interesting Hash Runs.

But I must first find a pair of old running shoes which I can cover with mud and not feel the heartache!

More Tribob Singapore Sprint Series Aquathlon Pictures

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