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There's something strangely beautiful about David Fincher's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Romantic in a weird way. And perhaps rightfully so, since Benjamin "was born under unusual circumstances".

Men have also been intrigued by the possibility of time travel, both into the future and back to the past. But here, we follow the journey of a young boy, in his "turned around" life. Bizarre yet very genuine. As ridiculous as the plot might seem, the facts of life remain the same...

1) You don't see colour when you're a child. Your best friend can be black and you wouldn't care.

2) The world appears amazing when we're young, and why can't it be so when we're old?

3) There is much wisdom to be learnt from the old.

4) There will be fear in being young and growing old. When we come to acknowledge it, it doesn't seem that frightful.

5) You're never too young or old to start loving. But you'll only appreciate true love when you're 'old enough'.

6) Stand and appreciate the moment when we reach half point. It doesn't matter even if it still don't make sense.

7) Make an effort to watch the sunrise in silence. It heals your soul in a strange way.

8) If there is someone you can always depend on, it's mom.

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