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I've wanted to pen this post much earlier at the start of Lent, but I'm glad that I am writing now, having put in some effort to making Lent meaningful this season.

Lent kicked off to a good start after all the festivities of Chinese New Year. In fact I was glad to tone things down in light of the rather bleak economic outlook. Like many, it's time to take stock of what we have in the 'barn'. Questioning myself if I have prepared myself for that 'raining day', have I been greedy, have I taken a look around and cared for my brothers and sisters in need and mostly, have I built my treasures in things that matter.

In fact, this current situation appears similar to Lent in 2003 when we experienced SARS. We look to a higher power for Hope.

The season of Lent is always a wake up call for me to re-look at my life. The effects that Ash Wednesday have on me, alms-giving to the less fortunate, deepening my relationship with God, appreciating the wonder of His Love for us on the cross.

This Lent, I've opened myself to so much learning. Some of which came rather unexpectedly, but yet so appropriately. Each topic has so much depth, my pea brain is still making sense of the content after so many weeks .

It started with gathering at Terence's place to watch Scott Hahn's "The 4th Cup". Dr. Scott Hahn is a former Presbyterian minister and Professor of Theology at The Fransiscan University of Steubenville. He shares on the traditions of the Jewish Passover (or the Seder Meal) and how it relates to the Lord's Supper and our understanding of Jesus' intend for us in the Holy Eucharist. It was the first time I was bombarded with so many Jewish terms, Todah, Haddagah, Kiddush... it was all ridiculously funny. Aside from every laughable Jewish phrase, it was a very powerful presentation. His transcript can be found here, but I strongly encourage you to watch the actual video presentation.

The Passover episode carried into the Confirmation Camp 2 weekends ago when Kemmy and Gab put together an actual Seder Meal. The objective was to have the experience of the meal and we were all given Jewish names. Mine was Hodiya, meaning "Praise God". Strangely, though taken randomly, all our Jewish names represented us appropriately. We had Matzah (bread), Bitter Herbs (or some very awful Watercress leaves), Curry Lamb and this wonderful Herasaph dessert (prepared by Annette) tossed with prunes, raisins, apples and sunflower seeds. It was delightful and heavenly. I had servings after servings. Some of us even had to learn a Jewish dance!

Serving in the Confirmation Camp came at a difficult time both with workload in the office and with my Dad's health. Yet, as much I came to share and be of service to the participants, I took back as much as gave. I gave a session on Fasting! Which got me studying up on the topic; but really, it was actually experiencing it that had me learn its true effect. For a cause and more importantly, for myself... spiritually. I will put up my fasting notes in a later post.

But what I got from the camp was again the gift of reconciliation and the take home message of what it truly means to be a Servant Leader. I'm thankful to Iwan for his session, cause it was the best wake up call in a while.

Extending from Live Out Love: Theology of the Body for Teens (which STYG is currently running a 12 week session), I decided to take on a 10-session formation program on the foundations of the Theology of the Body for Adults conducted by the Wonderfully Made! Team and taught by Fr David Garcia. The depth of his sessions are mind blowing. Almost literally! TOB continues to be a topic very close to my heart which I am very grateful to have to chance to learn more in depth.

The rest of the youth are currently busy preparing for the Lenten Play which I will sadly miss this year.

Amidst so much doing and learning, I pray for "being". To have Christ in everything I do.

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