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Warning: Contains spoilers of the finale episode of Battlestar Galactica Season 4

As they say... "All good things come to an end". Having spent 5 years faithfully catching what I deem as the finest television show I've ever personally seen, I'm honestly glad that the series has come to a conclusion. A conclusion that tells of the ending of the Cylon War and what happens to the faith of the Galactica crew. Another season would have totally killed it.

It was the finale every Sci-Fi fan was dying to watch. As soon as I laid hands on my copy, I was at the edge of my seat! Unfortunately my 37" TV has not arrived. It would have been a different experience watching it on a bigger screen.

As much as I would love to say I was totally blown away on this very final BSG episode... I was not. Trust me, I had very much wanted to love it... have it leave me captivated and pondering for the next couple of weeks... months... even years! I didn't expect answers to everything... cause characters are complex and I really didn't expect Ronald D. Moore and his writers to just write off everything with some simplistic and random ending. It left me disappointed, remembering how I felt when I watched the last trilogy of Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings". There were act breaks for no reason, and then back to more grass every time, so it ends up feeling like the end of that movie with the hobbits where they jump on the bed and then hug in the courtyard and then cry and then Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler making weird mouth noises and a necklace and Elijah Wood looking like he's going to throw up.

It was a conclusion almost painful to watch. Kara (Starbuck) vanishes into thin air because her resurrection has accomplished something... Lee (Apollo) stares around for a while and then decides to go climb a mountain. Laura finally dies after a hundred million minutes of staring at the grass and gazelles (it was well past meaningful and right into manipulative), and Bill Adama decides to bury her and sit next to the cairn and pretend it's a cabin and talk to himself. Helo and Athena teach Hera (who turns out to be the "mitochondrial Eve") some nomadic stuff, Chief heads off to invent Ireland and Gaius Baltar becomes a FARMER!!! OMG!!! "SERIOUSLY"?!?!?!
Rajan K. critics on Starbuck's disappearing act in
"I’m still not sure how something that was giving me such warm and fuzzy feelings turned so abruptly at the end. It’s like I was holding that second baby for V, thinking it’s all cute and starting to pick out names for it, and then it shoots out that freaky forked lizard tongue at me and I run away in disgust.

I kinda want to add my own scene to the finale where after Lee turns and Starbuck’s not there we then cut to a lion running off across the savannah with Starbuck in its mouth. That would work much better for me."

It turns out that artificial intelligence is evil. Which is such crap to me. It was confusingly frustrating how such fantastic climax can come to such a absurd ending.

And so it was a horrible ending (in my opinion), but the journey of emotional human struggle with the characters alone through the years more then makes up for it. Boomer / Athena's character remain my favourite and thankfully most complete; in that she accepts both the up and down sides of free will, which are pretty much her whole deal, and dies willingly to exercise both at once.

To what will go down in history as one of the best Sci-Fi series ever... "So say we all!"

Strangely now that both Stargate and Battlestar Galactica has come to an end... there seems to be a Sci-Fi void... time for Star Trek re-runs! Perhaps in time for J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek Movie!


  1. omg... gaius became a farmer!?!?!? wat on earth...

    - wen

  2. I felt the ending could have been done better too! still, it was one frakkin heck of a ride to the end! :-D

  3. psst! an extended DVD coming out with extra flashbacks concerning the Boomer-Tyrol-Helo love triangle, Tyrol arguing with Adama abt hooking Anders up to the CIC and more Saul-Ellen revelations at the *ahem* strip club...

    just thought you may one to get that to slowly get over the post-BSG withdrawal syndrome! :-D


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