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Polar FT80

It's been a long while since I browsed around for a personal watch. I have a few watches for very practical reasons; something for the office, something dressy, something SWATCH... But I've never owned a serious sports watch. Something serious enough to assist me in my training needs. Well, a good part of that reason was also because I never really had a training regime.

I decided to give myself a treat at the beginning of the year and have been on the hunt for a watch that
1) measures distance
2) heart rate
3) measures calories
4) is waterproof to a minimum 30m
5) is reliable and accurate in its measurements
6) is fun to wear on any occasion

After some research, I deduced my possible candidates to Polar's Fitness and Cross trainer FT60 and FT80. And when I chanced upon an offer (last month) for the FT80 I couldn't resist, I decided to follow my heart and spoil myself a little.

It turned out I gotten far more then what I expected. More then just a good looker and a multi design award winner, the Polar FT80 is an intelligent training computer you wear on your wrist. With its built-in heart monitor and strength recovery capability, the watch reads your performance and guides you to achieve maximum efficiency and reach your workout targets for both cardio and strength training.

An excellent plus is to have the computer aid you in training within the 3 heart rate zones set. Unique to the FT80 is the Polar Star Training Program. It gives you weekly training targets and guides you without being too strict. This program assists you to follow weekly training intensity, and it even adapts to your training habits, giving you new targets and guidance. With its adaptive training program features, Polar Star Training Program helps you to achieve your training targets more efficiently and effectively.

Polar FT80 Personal Trainer Website 02
My training calendar in

In the box is also the Polar Flowlink(TM), a data transfer unit that connects and synchronizes the training computers with Creating an account provides you with an online exercise journal, tracks progress, and enables users to challenge their friends with common goals.

Polar FT80 Personal Trainer Website 01
Charting of my heart rate after a quick run

The sync works flawlessly and it's pretty amazing tracking your performance in charts and graphs after your exercise. I'm only starting to understand how to use the tool more effectively in my training.

As part of my training for the 10km Sundown Marathon 2009 in May, I've also arranged a 10km training program through the site:

The training program prepares the user to compete in a 10 km event. It can also help improve your time or prepare you for a half-marathon (21 km) program. The typical finishing time with this program is 40-50 mins.
To safely undertake the program, you should be able to run 5 km in sport zone 3 (70-80% maximum heart rate) or higher, or run 10 km in sport zone 2 (60-70% maximum heart rate). Training modules in the training diary include specific instructions for training sessions.

FT80 Introduction Video

Comprehensive step-by-step training videos on the various functions of the watch.

As powerful as the watch may be, it remains an aid to effective training. First thing first, is to find enough time to consistently train! So, so tough these days...

More Polar FT80 Pictures


  1. about wasting 1 min 46 sec of the video then they talk about its ACTUAL features ;p - your review is infinitely many times better than the video laaaah.

    from your review - it's really worth the indulgence!

    But i saw there r two more products offered on the video..r they indoor-type? cos that's wat they look to me? u thinking of getting them?

  2. Eh how many sports watches you think I need? This one already cost me a bomb and considered hardcore for me... cause it has almost everything I need...except for the footpod, which is a separately sold device for measuring distance.

  3. yeah..i was referring to the footpod n the watchamacallit that looks like a measuring gadget on treadmills in the video

  4. The other device is the GPS. Connects to satellites and tracks your location and distance. Pretty expensive gadget which you wear around your arm. Just that I will have many gadgets around my body, with an arm band for my music and phone... I'll look out for a lelong deals for the footpod.


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