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Managed to squeeze in some time in the wee hours of the morning to design a Processional Banner (in liturgical color red) requested by Uncle James late February. The banner will be carried by the altar servers at the start of mass when the priest, altar servers, lectors and communion ministers walk in procession up to the altar. It will then be placed on the right of the altar beside the pulpit.

I've been procrastinating on the design and later got consumed by heaps of things happening. Had to beg for an extension!

The design is currently clearing final approval. Fingers crossed!


  1. *keeping fingers crossed* for you too!

    hey drop by my blog, i did a short vocal excerpt, i emailed u about it too X3

  2. Yupez, heard it.
    Quite scary leh. Was it a song or what???

  3. Really nice design! Ur wee hours of the morning work was put to good use. U have a real talent for this!

  4. scary?!!!! XD!!!! now that's a first!!! lemme tell the rest of my anime/manga friends XD!!!! i din know i can do scary-effects!!! ya it was an excerpt of a song from an anime series Macross Frontier

  5. how's the poster-outcome? cleared?

    have fun for Sat's marathon ah! add oil add oil ya!

  6. Thanks for the support on the run!
    As for the poster, unfortunately; Fr. was thinking of something else. He gave me some examples to follow closely. Will have to make some amendments.


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