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Jeremy Monteiro & T'ang Quartet at the Singapore Arts Festival 2009

Singapore's "King of Swing" Jeremy Monteiro meets classical music ensemble T'ang Quartet in their first-ever concert together, with special guests vocals Richard Jackson and Grammy Award winning musicians Randy Brecker (trumpeter) and Ernie Watts (saxophonist). Together in the Monteiro Jazz Trio is Shawn Kelley (drums) and Christy Smith (bass) from Chromazone. It's been a while since I last caught the band at the Harry's Quayside.

I'd say it was an unusual combination of jazz fused with classical and strings. In fact I had thought it was more a T'ang Quartet gig. Wendy had always wanted to catch the T'angs perform, but it turned out to be a jazz feast. Which was more in tune with my liking and a great way to chill on a Friday night. I, on the other hand had always wanted to catch a performance by Jeremy Monteiro. His style on the piano reminded me of Harry Connick, Jr at last year's Mosaic Music Festival Singapore. Harry, of course; had a whole lot more stage presence and a definite eye candy.

Jazz vocalist Richard Jackson had a great tone. You'd be pleased to know he is currently based in Singapore and performs at the Quayside Harry's. Randy Brecker on the trumpet and flugelhorn was a fantastic treat. I'm actually a fan of the trumpet!

Couple of recordings with my handphone. I've mentioned this before, but yupe, I'm still on the hunt for a compact, decent quality recorder.

The funny thing is I've never really liked "My Funny Valentine" until this rendition by Richard Jackson

In memory of Michael Brecker, jazz saxophonist and composer and late brother of Randy Brecker

It was a pity the T'ang Quartet came across very much like a filler and quite out of place in many of the jazz pieces. It goes to show that some genres just don't mix.


  1. "He's style on the piano reminded me of Harry Connick, Jr at last year's Mosaic Music Festival Singapore."

    It is "His..." not "He's"...

    - wen

  2. Ok, made the correction.
    You're right that the imeem clips seem to have some problems. Was working fine yesterday. Prob a temp linkage issue that should resolve itself. Meanwhile you can hear the clips at

  3. Yay! can hear the clips!! Somehow I like the 1930s vinyl recording effect from phone when listening to My Funny Valentine.

    - wen

  4. Darn! It seems that imeem now only display a 30sec preview clip instead of the full song. Have to click on link for full song on their site! How Annoying!


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