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And I always knew I will eventually be kicking myself in the butt when I think back at the performances I missed. But on deeper realization on why I had to forgo certain events... I knew I COULDN'T have made the commitment. Knowing that alone kills me in some ways. And that's life... I suppose... you win some, you loose some.

Some of my fav jazz greats; two times Grammy Award winner The Yellowjackets; guitar legend Mike Stern and drums extraordinaire Dave Weckl performed at at this year's Mosaic Music Festival in March. Last year I caught sexy Harry Connick Jr. live and chilled at the festival's "On Air - In the House" gigs. Quite unfortunately, performances for The Yellowjackets, Mike Stern and Dave Weckl all happened to fall within the weekend of the Confirmation Camp.

The month of April has always been dedicated to the Singapore International Film Festival. Last year, I caught 4 films at the SIFF. It's a modest no. compared to what I used to catch. Perhaps with more spread out foreign film festivals and alternatives to catching non mainstream film, the SIFF appeal started to have a downhill effect on me. This year, I was scheduled for my Chengdu / Chongqing trip which clashed with the festival. The trip was later delayed, no thanks to the Dalia Lamas.

And I missed "CATS" (The Musical)! Meoooow!!! It was a combination of high ticket prices and an uncertainty of my travel arrangements. Missing this one will haunt me for a while (if not forever) just like "Rent".

We're now into the tail end of the Singapore Arts Festival and I should be pleased to have caught the Opening Ceremony, Helios II by the La Compagnie Malabra (France) at the Marina Barrage and jazz pianist Jeremy Monteiro with the T'ang Quartet who performed a series of jazz pieces at the Esplanade. Special guests in the house were trumpeter Randy Brecker and saxophonist Ernie Watts and jazz singer Richard Jackson.

Now with the switch in camps to cover the Pre-Confirmation Camp, I'll be missing this year's closing "Crackers?" at Yishun.

The 9m tall and 24m long metal giant praying mantis made out of an old elevator and parts of a trunk was the highlight of Helios II by the La Compagnie Malabar (France) at the Singapore Arts Festival 2009.

The street performance of men on stilts, swinging red torches, juggling sticks and skipping ropes all looked awfully similar to SAF's 2007 Closing Ceremony "Time Out" by antagon theaterAKTion (Germany).

This year's opening paled in comparison to "Water Fools" by Ilotopie (France) in 2008 and "Dreams in Flight" by La Fura dels Baus (Spain) 2007.


  1. you still game for Victor / Victoria this November?

    - wen

  2. congrats on the banner n finishing 21st :3

  3. You know... I've never watched "Victor / Victoria". But yar... think Laura Fygi will be a fabulous act. Let's go for it! Look out for lobangs!

  4. YAY!! Do u have OCBC credit / debit card?? 'cuz from sistic site, seems like that is the only d/c offer available

    - wen

  5. Nope... do not have that card. The show is in November? November is so far away... what kind of discount are we looking at?


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