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Sundays should be this good! To attend morning mass and then head over to Dempsey Road's 32,000 square feet HOUSE for a lovely brunch, chat and chill. The occasion was really to give Sharon a belated birthday treat. But as it appeared, we all needed one of these afternoons.

The double-storey compound consists of art inspired multifunction private rooms, a yoga studio, library, living greenhouse, modern retail apothecary among other spaces.

Sharon Birthday House Lunch 19072009
BARRACKS' newspaper like menu

Brunch was at BARRACKS, a chic cafe, with a menu that reflects a modern nouveau naturelle cuisine, bringing together the freshest ingredients with a global appeal.

To be safe, make a reservation. The place was packed full when we arrived and with a reservation, they placed us under their designer Big Table. We were literally eating UNDER a table. What some might call "Pan-Tang".

Sharon Birthday House Lunch 19072009
Wild Truffle Mushroom Skinny Pizza
An instant favourite with generous mushroom toppings and a cracker like crust

Sharon Birthday House Lunch 19072009
Bay Prawn Capellini - a House signature
Rich prawn Bolognese. Braised baby leeks. Micro herbs, Angel-hair pasta, pecorino cheese shavings and chili

The Capellini was close to what you'd expect at a good pasta place such as Wild Rocket. It reminds me to give Mount Emily another visit someday.

Sharon Birthday House Lunch 19072009
For dessert, we had the 7-Layer Pancake
Burrow your way through 7 layers of fluffy batter pancakes. Hidden gems and spreads like nutella, green raisins, dried apricots, maple syrup, hazelnuts and pistachios lay within the seams - it's 7th heaven!

Sharon Birthday House Lunch 19072009
Art installations around the building

After brunch, take a walk around the building to enjoy special rooms dedicated for art. The rooms are also open for movie screenings and art talks on special days.

Sharon Birthday House Lunch 19072009

There's certainly enough on the menu to garner another visit. Their innovative concoctions and drink creations such as The Tiffin Punch and the Prohibition Long Island Iced Tea Party are something I'd like to try someday.

There was more talk on food when we visited Jones the Grocer and then to Harry's for beer in the middle of the afternoon! Mid-day beer was pure weird.

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