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Let's just say it was the most unlikely concert I attended - the Super Band (纵贯线) Singapore Concert. If not for a pair of tickets compliments from Vic... When I was given the tickets, I went "What's this about?"; frowned when I heard it was a Chinese concert and starting scratching my head on who to bring along. I was thinking who could be a Zhou Hua Jian (Emil Chau) fan, and thought mom might enjoy attending the concert. Vic was quick to emphasize it was a "ROCK" concert! Still - being a Zhou Hua Jian fan, mom was excited at the concert experience.

Super Band brought together the four biggest names in the Mandarin pop scene - Jonathan Lee (李宗盛), Chang Chen-yue (张震岳), also known as A-Yue, Zhou Hua Jian (周华健) and Luo Dayou (罗大佑) . Those who listened to Mandarin songs would have heard of them. Besides Zhou Hua Jian, I had no clue who the other 3 dudes were until the concert. Combined they had composed more than 600 songs, released more than 70 albums and held more than 360 sold-out concerts. For the first time ever, they have come together to form a band, Super Band, and kick start their world tour 2009!

The foursome have survived the ever-changing music industry with their tenacious style and strong belief in their own works. Putting the four strong music icons together seemed not an easy task, but they wanted to challenge the impossible and create a new high for themselves and the music industry!

It was a sold out one night concert. To my surprise, there were heaps of uncles and aunties. I even spotted a couple of grannies. Grayed hair, wheel-chair kindda grannies. My mom felt right in place.

Not until the music started - music tuned up and bass pumping! It was literally a heart pounding experience for mom. Wonder how those grannies felt?!?!
A good 1st part of the concert were my kind of trashy music performed by Chang Chen-Yue, a 34-year-old Taiwan rock sensation and the youngest member of the band.

Chang Chen-yue (张震岳) - I Want Money

Chang Chen-yue (张震岳) and I have no clue what's the title of this song... but it has a nice trashy beat

The foursome with a crowd favourite - Tong Nian (童年)

The later half of the concert turned into a mega stadium karaoke. This aunty sitting next to me knew EVERY song and EVERY lyric. She was clapping, bobbing her head and screaming out loud. It was unreal seeing these upper middle aged folks having such a good time. Almost scary...

The crowd singing along to Zhou Hua Jian (周华健)'s Pa Hei (怕黑)

Mom really enjoyed the concert; except for those Chang Chen-yue numbers which I thought were the better ones. The production was very nicely put together. Nice lighting and stage effects with a very professional backup band. And I'm starting to appreciate Chinese Rock! It's cool in a ridiculous, weird way. And it's trashy!


  1. i've always wanted to go but 1. no money 2. duno the lyrics

    that's song's 爱的初体验 Ai de Chu Ti Yan, very popular back then, yah, very auntie-song (amazing siah the auntie!) XD

    Nice setup and nice to include lyrics cos a Deaf could go there to feel the vibration, see the visuals, the singer with the lyrics on-screen.

    i wonder if Western rock bands would do the same if they come to Singapore XD

    still hoping to find a job n buy Chinese pop CDs to learn the lyrics to sing in KBox one day XD

  2. WOT?!?!? 89BUCKS ON DURIANS?!?!!?

    - Wen


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