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Results for the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 are in and I've officially clocked 3hrs 07mins for my very 1st Half (21km) Marathon. For NIL training and little rest, I am surprised I didn't get cramps or a deadly heart attack. Lots of thanks goes out to my Polar FT80, this time round working in tip top condition and producing accurate heart rate results. I kept well within the Moderate to Performance (135 - 170bmp) range, ensuring I do not exceed 185bmp. It was extremely tempting at the start to speed along with a starter's adrenaline, but I kept my pacing for the long road ahead.

As usual, I made it a point to take the run easy, no stress, no targets...

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Finisher Stats 01 16082009

Despite the fact that news reports mentioned that the Sunday morning run saw 70,000 running enthusiasts; only 10,000 over runners' stats were tracked. It leaves me wondering what happened to the rest. Out of those that were tracked, 19% were women and 81% men. Women's participation rose by 35% while men saw a 15% increase.

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Finisher Stats 02 16082009

This year at the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army half Marathon, a disposable chip was used. A 1st in a major running event locally.

Considering the double distance in this 21km run, I've kept almost consistent to my 'happy pace' in last year's 1st 10km in the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008.

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Finisher Stats 03 16082009

Below are a series of my heart rate stats during the run:
SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Heart Rate Stats 16082009 02
Noticeable drop in stamina after the 12 - 14km mark

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Heart Rate Stats 16082009 01

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Heart Rate Stats 16082009 03

Much to my surprise, this run turned out to be one of the more enjoyable runs. Then again, I've only participated in 3 marathons including this one. Not a very good judge.

In all merits,
1) There were sufficient water points.
2) A well crafted running route (through the Marina Bay area, East Coast, The Singapore Flyer through the F1 Paddock and the Benjamin Sheares Bridge toward the Padang).
3) Fringe festivities which included stilt-walkers clad in ethnic costumes lining the roads together with Brazilian maculele performers, belly dancers (which the guys had to slow down to take a peek), African percussionists, cheerleaders and jam bands which created the perfect carnival and sporty ambiance for both runners and supporters.

What I didn't like were those gluey, slimy, sweaty army boys' arms that rub against you through narrow running paths. And the lack of a nice running singlet.

Next run: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009. Another 10km attempt, to improve on my scoring at the Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009.

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009
SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 Route Clips

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