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I'll be attempting my 1st Half Marathon (21km) this weekend at the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009. And in all honesty - I'm totally freaked out. Let's just say I haven't been diligently training as much as I had planned to. There were excuses for work, sleep, some other activity... bad weather... I had originally planned to train for this 21km as a gauge for the year end Standard Chartered Marathon. For the little I have sowed, I am ready for the pain and agony. Somewhere along the course of run, I'm pretty certain I will be swearing at why I put myself through such torture!?!?!

It's too late to do anything more. There were a couple of decent runs in the last 2 or 3 weeks, but the runs weren't long.

Here's some advise from a wise, seasoned runner:
- Keep heart rate at moderate 70% between 135 - 150 bpm
- Keep running pace with small steps
- Run upright, straighten back
- Find out where water and medical stations are
- Hydrate frequently
- Take a power gel every hour

Heart Rate Chart

I'll be keeping faithful to my heart rate in the Green Moderate zone, so I'm hoping my trusty Polar FT80 don't fail me on marathon day. At the Adidas Sundown Marathon in May, the heart rate chest belt dried up and the watch wasn't tracking for 1/2 the run.

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Map 2009
SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 Route Map

I've already informed Wei Sian that if I don't call him by 10:30am on marathon day, he can probably head over to SGH to check if I've been admitted. Dom was nice enough to comment that I'm not a boy, and walking is perfectly fine!

Keep me in your prayers for a safe run!

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 Results
SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 Route Clips


  1. Warm up too with light jogging which also make you a little wet to ensure HRM works. If encounter pain, be careful. soreness still ok, sharp pain....there is always another run next year.

  2. *crossing fingers for u*..c u tmw :3

  3. oh, n there's always Salonpas..(ok u can kill me for this ;p)

  4. I did it! I completed 21KM in around 3hrs 8mins!
    Thanks for the advise and prayers!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN NYA!!!! so happy for u X3


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