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I've been missing The Pie-Maker and Dead Girl since I completed both seasons of "Pushing Daisies" at the beginning of the month. It's been a long time since I watched a TV series (Sci-Fi not included) with such imagination, colour, witty lines and sincere character relationships. I agree with many who claimed that stories lack depth - but it was a happy show. I've been sitting on the series for way too long and loved it on the pilot episode. I was happy to take my sweet time to savour the offerings of the production.

The story's plot centres around the Pie-Maker, Ned; gifted with a touch that can bring the dead back to life. A second touch will send them back so dead, they'll never return - ever. After his peculiar gift was discovered by private investigator Emerson Cod, Ned teams up with him to solve quick cases for rewards. In one case, he resurrects Chuck, his childhood sweetheart whom became his girlfriend that he could never touch.

There were lots to feast on from set to costume design. The Technicolor world visual style was between "Amélie" and a Tim Burton film - big, bright and bigger than life.

Personally, it's a true pity the series couldn't last another season. Creator and writer, Bryan Fuller returns back to writing for "Heroes". The series may be canned but it continued to pick up numerous Emmys this year for Outstanding Art Direction, Outstanding Costumes, Outstanding Makeup for a Single Camera Series (Non-prosthetic) and Kristin Chenoweth (Olive Snook) picks up Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

I'll always have fond memories now when I dig into a fruity pie...

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