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The Face of Hunger
Straits Times - The Face Of Hunger Chart

I set up the Food and Drinks category with the intention to showcase interesting experiences in the culinary world. Great tasting food offering that delights the taste buds. Today, I read about World Food Day (16 October) and is reminded that while I belong to the part of the world that goes to bed (often) with an uncomfortably full belly, a billion others go hungry today and every day.

We can't do as much about the floods, the tsunamis, the earthquakes, the typhoons that hit our lands. It's deadly impact causing mayhem and devastation. Mother nature is at work. But we can definitely do something about a baby that dies in the arms of his mother; simply because he has nothing to eat for days. A child malnourished, weighing as much as new born kitten, skin wrapped around bones...

There is little debate that it is right to feed the hungry from starvation.

The flow of food aid is at its lowest level in twenty years, while the number of hungry people is growing, due to the combined impact of high food prices, the global financial crisis and increasingly severe weather patterns. An analysis by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) says the result could be 16 million more undernourished children in 2020. These findings were released recently at the annual general meeting of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). By 2020, rice prices would rise by 13 percent, wheat by 15 percent and maize by 27 percent. The impact of every dollar increase in food means sacrifices families have to make in housing, clothing and schooling. Children loose education simply because they do not have enough for a decent meal.

Today, I am reminded to support the World Food Programme.

Donate to the UN World Food Programme who serves a daily school meal to a hungry child. In many cases, this may be a child’s only meal of the day.

How does WFP use your money?
USD$25 feeds a child for half a school year
USD$98 constructs a fuel-efficient stove for one school
USD$126 provides micronutrient supplementation for 50 students for one year

Are we indifferent?

What is your Cause?
Saving Mother Earth in simple ways
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