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CNet's How to Guide to Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

I am pretty sure I know where my bonus is going. I've held on to the Window XP operating system (by passing all the Vista crap) and will (hopefully) be making the switch to Windows 7 directly. When it comes to an operating system, I am not too adventurous. Upgrading was in my mind and that was at least 3 years ago! Gosh! I can be REALLY patient!

It will also be timely to give my faithful Proteus (code name for my current comp's version) a total make-over. Get a kick-ass graphics card, raid array my hard discs, quad core processor (LOL! maybe), fresh new Windows 7 OS... don't think the upgrade will be kind to my pockets. And for sentimental reasons, I'm going to miss my Proteus, which may not be the fastest comp but it's certainly stable. I'd like to find it a good owner. I think I love my comp more then a puppy!

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  1. i dun mind having Proteus - for free. i've been asking around for a multimedia comp, i can't do much with the present one

  2. I might salvage some parts from Proteus for the to-be new comp. But the surviving parts can find its new home with you :) Be patient.


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