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For some reason, Blake Edwards' musical story of "Victor/Victoria" who follows Victoria Grant, a struggling British singer looking to fulfill her dreams in 1930s Paris who agrees to play a female impersonator; a woman, pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman, didn't appeal to me. It was way too predictable.

However, 3 things made me agree to pick up tickets for the Asian premiere:
1) Missing "Cats: The Musical" this year in April. Damn! I think this will haunt me for a long time more till "Cats" make a re-run! I haven't caught a good International Broadway Musical for a while and thought I should give myself a treat.

2) Wendy was totally hyped up about the musical. She had raved comments about how she loooooved the 1982 film starring Julie Andrews.

3) Debut of International Jazz sensation Laura Fygi who takes on the leading role in her 1st musical performance. I've been a Fygi fan for a long time.

Ticket prices were steep, but Celeste got us decent Circle 1 tickets for around SGD$80. It was nearing the tail end of the musical run and we were pleasantly surprised to have upgraded seats to centre stall! Those seats would have cost at least SGD$120! Wooohooo! I didn't even have to use my Bushnell Binos! I was later told that ticket sales were poor as reviews of the musical did not go well.

I took it as a good thing that I hadn't watch the original movie. There were less comparison to make. I taught Fygi sang decently, her voice may not be totally appropriate for her role, but it was certainly lovely. The stage was a let down and acting, dancing and directly were overall poor. Somehow, I didn't feel the music by composer Henry Mancini; of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" fame catchy. It didn't put a ring in my ears.

“Victor/Victoria” was directored by Loretta Chen and featured other international stars such as British actor Matt Grey, Jake Macapagal from the Philippines, Australian actress Nicole Stinton and Zebra Crossing artiste RJ Rosales. They were joined by Singapore’s Shane Marjuki and fashion icon Daniel Boey.

Laura Fygi CD Album Signature 27112009

So the 2 million dollars musical didn't work for most of us. But with SGD$20, I bought a 2CD musical compilation of songs by Fygi and a personalised autograph sign by Laura Fygi HERSELF! I think I told her I was a fan since I was little and she went "Whaooo" and gave me 2 thumbs up. Hee hee!

Laura Fygi CD Album Signature 27112009

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