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The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 (SCSM) marks my completion of 4 Marathons in 2009 - Adidas Sundown 4x10.5km (Team), SAFRA Bay Run Half Marathon, New Balance Cross-Terrain (10km) and lastly with Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 (10km). Officially making 2009 (by far) the year I ran the most!

Following up from my 1st ever marathon in last year's Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008, and as much as I always tell myself how much I really don't like to RUN... I seemed to have caught on to the growing running culture! More so in 2009, there have been more marathons, biathlons, triathlons and bike ride events. I've kept true to "running for fun", irregular in trainings and never over pushing the body.

50,000 runners took part in this year's Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, with 17,000 running the full 42km marathon. Making it the largest running event in Singapore till date. Every single running slot in the event was taken up.

I had 1 regular run before the event since the NB Real Run Cross-Terrain in November 2009 and came in at 1hr 24mins. An improvement of 6mins from last year's SCSM. My best 10km timing stands at 1hr 22mins clocked at the NB Real Run 2009.

My nutcase aunty Yvonne, a regular runner took the leap from her usual 10km runs to attempt the full marathon! She turns 50 next January! Woot! She came in strong with a timing of 5hrs 24mins! She was happy as a bird upon completing the race. Better then striking 4D!

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Race Timing 01
45% of runners completing the race before me. I was doing 55% last year. Decent improvement

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Race Timing 02

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Race Timing 03

Below are a series of my heart rate stats during the run:
Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Race Timing 06
Keeping well within my 170bmp heart rate

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Race Timing 05

I generally enjoy the 10km runs, but this year's SCSM saw too many participants, causing bottlenecks around bends and convergence points with the 21km and 42km runners. There were even numerous runners blocking the way pushing baby prams! Not to mention extra time wasted trying to get your your fluids at the water points. Gosh!!! With the Singapore Sports Council looking at doubling the participant numbers next year, I can write off the 10km and 21km as fun runs.

The SCSM remains to be the biggest social running event and worthy of some sort of participation.

Looking into 2010, I figure I would love to get back onto my wheels...

It was fun while I ran!

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