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Sealy Posturepedic Fact Sheet
Picking the ideal mattress should have been an easy task - lay, like, buy. But once the Tech Junkie in me took presidence; even mattresses became a science!

I've been sleeping on my trusty Dreamland mattress for the longest time. It's time for its complete retirement and a little pampering for overall wellness. Mattress technologies have improved leaps and bounds over the years. Considering it's an investment I'll be making for the next 10 years, I wanted to make the best sound choice I could afford.

I was quick to narrow down my choices to the big 3 in the mattress industry, namely Simmons, Sealy and Serta.

I was initially dead set on getting a bed on individual pocketed spring technology (Marshall or Encased coils), popular in Simmons' Beautyrest series; but later read that this technology is most effective with a partner for undisturbed sleep. Choices for my super-single requirement can be more varied. My second requirement was to pick a firmer or "harder" mattress. Other nice to haves would include a latex pillow top for a cooler sleep experience.

It's funny cause I actually found such a mattress in a China made brand mattress called Airland! The brand is apparently popular in mainland China and Hong Kong. Cost about $500 cheaper then the branded names. It was almost perfect, except that it was China made and I found minimum information on the mattress make online. So I decided to go for peace of mind. I eventually picked a Sealy Posturepedic High Performance! It boiled down to the best trusted SCIENCE my money could afford.

The Sealy medium-firmness had one of the best degree of softness for me. After studying my sleep pattern, I decided against anything too hard. There are enough research that reveals that medium-firmness innerspring mattresses help back sufferers more than hard innerspring mattresses. The "posturepedic" solution was an easy sell. It boasts of a three-part comfort support system which it heralds as a key to a calming sleep and sure comfort all through the sleep process. Sealy mattress engineering has been carefully done in close coordination with no less than orthopedic experts with years of orthopedic experience in actual body framework analysis and procedures.

Sealy Posturepedic Coil

My Sealy Posturepedic High Performance comes with the PostureTech HP Spring Unit, an interlock grid top and the patented Edgeguard technology; which is a firm foam insert providing an exceptional edge support, average of 10% more sleep space and a firm ’seating’ edge. The overall result is greater durability and comfort. And lastly 10 years Guarantee which the Sealy salesman claims no other mattress companies provide.

Believe it a not, but I actually became quite knowledgeable in mattress technologies during the weeks of the bed hunt.

It's becoming a trend for mattress companies to develop models exclusive to certain retailers. A seemingly identical mattress may have very different internal components. The retailers can chose to name the mattress anything they desire thus providing very little comparison for consumers. Your best bet is to take a look at the label that is stuck with the mattress. This label will inform you of the technologies within the mattress.

New bed arrives just before Chinese New Year!

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