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Apple iPhone 3GS
It is official. I join the league of the Applites and am officially an iPhone SLAVE!
I can't say I am proud of it. Never had been an Apple fan-girl.

Considering that iPhone 3GS mobiles have dropped drastically in price since M1 and Starhub emergence into SingTel's monopoly and the fact that there isn't a more deserving phone currently in the market, it wasn't hard to make the switch. This also breaks my lifetime (till date) Nokia loyalty, way back to my 1st Nokia - 8210. Sentimental... I still own that phone. It's sad cause Nokia used to make great phones.

As much as all the cherry on the top goodness the iPhone brings, it tags along its own baggage. It was hard to give up a puny phone (Nokia XpressMusic 5310), which I love for sports, I wasn't sure about touch screen... I hated the poor battery life... but what I was sure I would love included: iPhone Apps for Twitter, Facebook and Gmail; awesome web browsing experience and the best iPod in the market!

I figured it was time to get on the iPhone bandwagon. The additional SGD$100 renewal voucher and corporate discounts provided the additional boot.

Apple iPhone 3GS
Back of box. Notice the "Assembled in China" print...

Apple iPhone 3GS
Everything in the iPhone 3GS box: Includes the iPhone, Instruction Booklet, Earphones, USB Cable, Wall Charger

Apple iPhone 3GS
The back of the iPhone - White!

Apple iPhone 3GS
Had to purchase the Titanium Air Jacket with 2 screen protectors. The Titanium Air Jacket is by far the lightest (considerably durable) iPhone jacket. Has a thin metallic outlook which I absolutely love! Apple Epic sells the case at S$69.

Apple iPhone 3GS
The Titanium Air Jacket snapped onto the iPhone

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