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I have a fetish for 'Toy Story' and robots. So Disney made the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear last November! Controllable actions, programmable with voice activation. This toy is real yakky, with a great sense of humour. Mechanical movements are noisy with no knee bend actions. Pretty much slides across the floor!

I've added the toy to my wishlist. Haven't seen it around yet. Can't believe after all these year, Woody and Buzz still tickle my funny bone.

Program controller looks very much like U-Command Wall-E I own.

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3D Double Bill to be release in Jan 2010!
Watch out for Toy Story 3, to be released next year.
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  1. if the knees can bend it'll be more fun :3 the mouth can move!!! oh wow!! yeah, i agree - hours of FUN!!!


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