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Food For Thought Cafe 22032010
Food For Thought @ 8Q. Open kitchen and merchandise shelf

It's always a rare treat to discover a cozy cafe with decently priced, good tasting food and an ambiance that's just lovely to hang out in. I don't do it often enough, but I always love it when I find time to catch up on a book or have an afternoon tea with a friend. There's a sense of time slowing down, you can pretty much watch the world rush by and your worries of the world are left behind... just for a couple of hours.

Food For Thought Cafe 22032010
Food For Thought @ 8Q - Entrance

Located at Queen Street, just next to the 8Q Museum is a building extension for Food For Thought (FFT). Food For Thought isn't just a clever name for a cafe, but it is also reflective of the theme and mission of the founders to support clean water, feed good food, help end poverty, educate the people and encourage kind acts. FFT was conceived to be a place which would promote exceptional merchandise created by good people for good causes. It would also run events that gathered people to discuss issues and contribute meaningfully to local and regional needs.

Food For Thought Cafe 22032010
Food For Thought @ 8Q - Place-mats with a cause

Their messages to create awareness and aid social problems are imparted subtly through the diner's place-mats and as you enter through the front door, a dramatic merchandise shelf that arches out to meet a glass jar installation. The products on sale were definitively worth a look. They added a creative touch to the place and some pieces were perhaps thought provoking.

Food For Thought Cafe 22032010
Food For Thought @ 8Q - Bottled display

I was there primarily for a hot chocolate drink; and after a disappointing and diluted hug mug of hot chocolate at Vivo's newly opened Max Brenner; I was rather pleased with what FFT offered. I've also heard good reviews on their all day breakfast menu which I will definitely try on another occasion. I love breakfast food, but seldom at breakfast! So such a concept really works for me. Business ideas such as this, that take the extra mile to better humanity always intrigue me. A coin bottle sits somewhere for your lose change to support a good cause. I've always been skeptical how such a donation work through an unofficial 3rd party, but their effort is certainly worth the support; even if it is just for their food.

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  1. I love Food for Thought. I believe the first outlet is the one just around the corner from my school. I always order a Chinese Chicken Caesar Salad, sometimes the All Day Breakfast set. I love their durian cake and some kinda layered cheesecake, forgotten the name of it.

    The one near my school is much smaller and cosier, and I believe it is probably the first outlet, 'cuz the one you've been to looks new. The one at my school has charcoal graffiti all over.

    - Wen

  2. The Q8 outlet was opened in late Jan this year. Both the owner and architect of the 8Q building are friends of Anne. Where is one near your school?

  3. Oh, then definitely the FFT at Q8 is new 'cuz when I started school in Jan 2009, it was already there. The one near my school is along North Bridge Road, next to Purvis Street.

    - Wen


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