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The King Louis Restaurant 03042010 01
Entrance of The King Louis Grill & Bar at Vivo City

I am first a science fiction fan. I'm all about aliens, flying saucers, robots, distant planets... lasers blowing up things. Followed closely is my love for the fantasy genre. Fire-breathing dragons, flying horses, magic swords, ancient castles, knights and princesses. A big part of my growing up days surrounded characters from "Dungeons & Dragons", "Merlin" and "Willow". Oh yar, and 'The Legends of Zelda'!

I was naturally excited when I heard of the medieval themed restaurant The King Louis Grill & Bar which took over Hog's Breath venue at Vivo City. Having missed the chance to check out Igor's (a horror-theatre restaurant) which closed its doors some years back; I was secretly wishing that King Louie staged medieval-style games, sword-fighting, and jousting tournaments! I imagined being transported back in time, being served by fair ladies and merry men.

It was the eve of Easter, and since I've been introduced to Easter Vigil 3 years back; Wendy and I have been making it a tradition to have a pre-Easter dinner before attending mass. We celebrate the fact that we are Alleluia people! King Louie sounded like a good choice since we needed to settle dinner at Vivo.

My excitement went as far as the grand entrance of the restaurant. The interior fell short in my expectation. Having heard horrible reviews of Hog's Breath's servings at Vivo, I was contented to stick with the tried and test outlet at CHIJMES. The menu at Hog's Breath has changed (with a price increase) since the days I adored them, but their steak are generally well served. I was told that with the exception of a castle scene wallpaper, the deco largely remained the same. Instead of waiters and waitresses dressed to the theme, they were in all black. Though the girls clipped on cute tiaras, half the fun was lost as no one was in character.

A solo one man guitarist and singer took stage crooning acoustic pop tunes. He performed decently well, but his music just did not gel with the place.

The King Louis Restaurant
Wendy and I picked a Knight's Platter fit for 3-4!

The Knight's Platter (priced at SGD$45) was served on a 'silver' platter stacked high 1st with a layer of potato wedges and fresh vegetables, then with an assortment of meat; thinly sliced beef, pork, chicken cutlet and skewers of kebabs and fruits. It baffles me how we actually finished all the food with Wendy still having room for dessert. Though the serving was huge, the taste was average.

The King Louis Restaurant

If only the little touches all came together. I await the next REAL Medieval themed restaurant.

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