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It's really cute how I pass off as a Surf Chick to my friends. I admit there are occasional times I yak about chilling by the beach, or that my fav surf shop in Bali is Surfer Girl, or one day I'll marry a Surfer Dude... but really... SURFING is really not my thing.

Ron rented a full size surfboard which we took out to the beginners end of Kuta Beach. Damn I hated jumping waves! The waves just kept on coming... and coming! And by the 5th wave when you're dead tired; you'd have to turn around, catch a BIG wave, CLIMB onto the surfboard, STAND, BALANCE and LOOK COOL as you glide up toward the shore. There is a reason why surfers are really fit, cause this is a really physical sport.

Surfing in Bali 2007
This was my best surf attempt in Bali!

The next time I am at a surf beach, I will be more then contented to soak in a nice golden tan.

My first surf attempt in Bali 07' was probably my last (or so I thought). The princesses decided to take me on a different 'ride' - The Double FlowRider @ Wave House, Sentosa.

Wave House Sentosa is the fourth and newest installation of Wave Houses around the world. The patented wave technology produces “sheet waves” which is the use of multiple, high-energy pumps to project a three inch layer of water over a surface that has been shaped to emulate an ocean wave. The water flows at between 20 and 30 miles (32 kmph) per hour, with as much as 100,000 gallons of water a minute being propelled by the pumps. With this comes a new sport - Flowboarding.

I had an hour on the entry-level wave - FlowRider. Unlike a real surf, there was no swimming out to sea, jumping waves or fighting with uncertain elements. The waters flowing over a plastic surface, like a wrestling mat was predictable and extremely constant. If anything else, this was an balancing act.

FloRider Wave House 04042010 021
Awaiting my surf turn. All in all within the hour, I was probably balancing on the board for 10 mins!

FloRider Wave House 04042010 026
Learning to balance

FloRider Wave House 04042010 027
Crashing! My most dramatic fall was when I lost balance and flew over to the other Flow section. I was told I smashed into a very tiny boy. Thankfully we all survived!

FloRider Wave House 04042010 061
Catching the wave!

More pictures and videos!

FloRider Wave House 04042010 063b
Yeah! The Chick can Surf!

My last attempt in motion. Couldn't recover to a standing position toward the end. Here's another video clip.

FloRider Wave House 04042010 048b
Poser shot

It was only when you mastered controlling the board that you could progress to make turns or stunts. It is only when you got good enough on the FlowRider, that you could progress to the The FlowBarrel! This monster pumps out 100,000 gallons of water per minute flowing as fast as 30 mph (48 kmph) curl over a surface that looks like a section of a skateboard park. The result is a perfect, endlessly tubing six-foot wave that has similar power and challenge to many of the waves breaking along the reefs of Indonesia.

FloRider Wave House 04042010 013
The FlowBarrel

One day it will be interesting to give this a try!

All the technicalities that put the FloRider together

Thanks gals for the Surf Experience!

Swimming with the Quicksilver Synchro Hyperstretch Wetsuit

More FloRider Wave House Pictures

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