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Adobe CS5 Launch 12052010

About a year and half later of Adobe CS4's release, Adobe is again enticing us to UPGRADE. Nothing is wrong with your previous versions but they are OLDER! And OLDER (in software developer's eyes) is not COOL! We've gone down the same exact path with Microsoft and Apple... so there's nothing new here. They throw in a couple of new improvements and make you fork out that hard earned cash for it.

It was a huge launch covering 2 ballrooms at Suntec. Adobe flew in Evangelists Terry White for Photoshop and InDesign, Greg Rewis for Web Applications, and Jason Levine for Video Production. I must admit these guys were very animated and entertaining.

For what its worth there are numerous very impressive updates in this version. I actually had the privilege to check a couple of sneaks at the Adobe Photoshop World 2009 with Russell Brown, so I wasn't falling off my seat.

Starting with Photoshop:
1) Content Aware Fill
Lasso > Content Aware Fill > Edit > Fill > Delete (unwanted sections)
There is no doubt that Content Aware Fill is the most jaw dropping feature. Major time saver when it comes to real photo editing work.

2) HDR
Image > Adjustment > HDR Toning
More control over HDR images.
One of these days, I must go out and do a photography exercise on HDR (just for fun).

3) Mini Bridge

4) Fish Eye Lens

5) CS Review

6) Bristle Brush
Only works with a tablet and something I really want to try with my Wacom that's way under used!

1) Gab Tool
Hold Shift Key individually adjusts size of the pictures. Command key expand or decreases gab.

2) Corner Rounding
Select Yellow Holders on picture. Shift Key adjust corners individually.

3) Picture Captioning
Right Click on picture > Caption Settings > Generate Live Captions

4) Interactive Web Functions

5) EPub
Publish books directly to iTunes Store

Adobe CS5 Launch 12052010
Greg Rewis filling us in on the new feature for Creative Suite Web Premium

Adobe CS5 Launch 12052010
Jason Levine on Video Production

Premiere Pro:
1) 64bit & Mecury
The biggest difference in both Premiere Pro and Affect Effects (both Adobe's video production softwares) lie in its upgrade to support 64bit native capability. Coupled with the new Mercury Playback Engine, we can expect much much faster rendering speeds. Using memory directly off your RAM. The demo was performed on a Nvidia GPU Quadro FX 4800 / FX 5800 series card.

2) 1080P Native DSLR Editing

3) Playback never stops

4) Replay Resolutions of 1/2 or 1/4 with pause in full

5) XMP Meta Data

Affect Effects:
To me there is just 1 kick-ass update - Rotoscoping. This function totally changes the career and life of a Rotoscope Artist.

Most importantly, the speed with 64bit drastically changes the way an effects or video editor will work. That alone is a worthy upgrade with a hefty cost on hardware upgrade!

Adobe CS5 Launch 12052010
The last part of the program was a features showdown between the 3 evangelists. And of cause the Flash on iPhone issue had to be addressed. They lovingly termed Apple "a certain fruit company" and showcased Flash integration. It was obvious the animosity between the companies in a very political way.

For those who missed the launch event, Adobe put together a very nice CS5 Launch Event highlights video channel on Adobe TV. The materials featured are short and very informative.

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