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From Walter Rabbit 12052010
WALTER spotted on the roof of 8Q SAM

Celeste and I were having dinner and coffee at TCC causally browsing through magazines and coming across an article on WALTER...

WALTER is Dawn Ng's pet project involving guerilla installations of a curious colossal bunny who pops up across Singapore’s standard landscape of flats and heartland enclaves. By using Walter to create and photograph scenarios packed with surprise and wonder, Dawn draws attention to commonly overlooked and over familiar spaces across our landscape, while dodging cops and people with no sense of humour. WALTER is a celebration of our ordinary by helping us look at this city as children again.

Dawn explained that rabbits have always been a part of folk tales and myths. Citing one example as Lewis Carroll’s cult novel Alice in Wonderland where a white rabbit leads Alice down to a hole, she said that rabbits exude a magical aura that “make you see the world a little bit differently and… tell a story”.

“If I were to extract Walter from all these photographs, you wouldn’t have taken a second look at all these places in Singapore,” said Dawn. “It would be so ordinary that it would be invisible to you… it’s when you put something so strange and incongruent that you re-evaluate and you look harder at something cos’ something is not supposed to be there, but it is.”

From Walter Rabbit 12052010
Photographs of WALTER sightings can be found at ToysREvil and Youth.SG

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