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I don't frequent Bras Basha as much compared to my film school days. But when I do pop down I always like to pay a visit to Basheer Bookstore. They stock up a fantastic collection of Art, Animation, Photography, Typography, Architecture, Graphics, Computer etc. books... I used to pick up my Cinefex magazine here, then the prices got really ridiculous and worked out to be cheaper to purchase it direct online! Cinefex is incidentally still my favourite industry magazine and the only one I am still subscribing to. My favourite section at Basheer are the shelves of making-of and animation books. Books that go in depth at what happens behind the scenes. You already know how big a Toy Story fan I am, so when I laid my hands on Pixar's "Art of Toy Story 3" coffee table book, I was thrilled! I already own the special edition "Toy Story: The Art & Making of the Animated Film" book (with an ultra cool hologram front cover) and thought this will add nicely to my making-of books collection.

From Movies
Sketches from Toy Story 2

From Movies
Storyboard sequence

From Movies
Clay models of characters

As usual, this is a fantastic behind the scenes book filled will tons of concept artwork and storyboards. Hard covered with a total of over 170 coloured pages. But till I watch the movie (scheduled to be released in June) I will not read the contents which will give away too much of the story's plot. I am pretty sure I will catch TS3 more then once, so it will give me some time to catch up on the book's content to better appreciate the film.

From Movies
Updates made to Woody for Toy Story 3

Flip book video from

Pixar: 20 Years of Animation Exhibition
Toy Story 3: Spanish Buzz dances with Jessie
Toy Story 3D
The TOYS Will Be BACK!
Toy Story's Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

Disclaimer: Pictures and video are courtesy of Parka Blog

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