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The idea came about during supper at the prata store around Blair Road. Glori and Viki were arguing about a miss note at a P&W session and how the sound stood out like a sore thumb to the music teacher. I agreed, commenting how that would appear to Herbert (the landscape artist) like a flower grown wrongly in the garden! That comment apparently got the gang bursting out in laughter. Herbert may be a landscape artist, but he has never visited HortPark nor the Singapore Botanic Gardens!

It was Andrew's idea, and he figured that it would be great for the extended participants of STC TOB (and especially for Herbert) to hang out at HortPark for a picnic. We picked the Vesak Day public holiday. The last picnic I had was at Shakespeare in the Park with Singapore Repertory Theatre's "Much Ado About Nothing" held at Fort Canning Green. Gosh that was almost a year a go! There's something about Singaporeans that don't appreciate picnics enough.

STC TOB Hort Park Picnic 28052010
One of the coolest thing was that my ENTIRE TOB group made an effort to turn up for the outing. We had to take a group shot for being so complete! You gals RAWK!

STC TOB Hort Park Picnic 28052010
Our picnic spot at the far end of Hort Park, under a shady angsana tree

STC TOB Hort Park Picnic 28052010
Glorious food galore!

STC TOB Hort Park Picnic 28052010
Frances prepared lots of food! They were all sooooo good! Agnes baked Lavender & Cinnamon cake! And I supplied my fav River Gum Red Wine

STC TOB Hort Park Picnic 28052010
And a couple of rounds of frisbee

I can't think of how blessed we've been with putting everything together for this TOB. I am constantly amazed at how the beauty of TOB continues to grow in my life.

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  1. the new Zelda game ROX!!!!! just by watching the demo so excited about it liao!!!

  2. Yupez! But we'll all have to wait till 2011...


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