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For the same entrance ticket price of S$27 to Beerfest Asia 2010, you not only get 2 free beers but also 2 nightly live tribute concerts to AC/DC, Queen or U2. They may be tribute performances, but they were REALLY good (at least for the two I caught). I'd call that great value for money!

World famous Hell’s Belles is the premier all female AC/DC tribute act. They are wicked, fierce and totally hard core! June would have totally loved them with the guitar and hair! I've personally never been a AC/DC fan and only know a couple of their more noticeable tunes... like 'You Shook Me' and 'Highway to Hell'... No thanks to 'Iron Man 2'. AC/DC appeared too evil to me in my younger days.

Beerfest Asia 18062010 064
Both musicians playing Brian Johnson and Angus Young were absolutely spot on! Just that they are GIRLS!

Beerfest Asia 2010
Playing ALL AC/DC, ALL the time, ALL over the globe, spanning ALL the pure rock brilliance of AC/DC’s career (from “High Voltage” to “Back and Black” and beyond), Hell’s Belles do justice to the Aussie legends with patented Hell’s Belles devotion, precision, and fury.

Beerfest Asia 18062010 061
Endorsed by Angus Young himself (Blender Magazine; 2003), Hell’s Belles are the closest one can get without actually moving to Australia or joining AC/DC’s road crew.

Hell’s Belles Live - Pardon the overpowering bass... it was really loud!

Hell’s Belles Live

Beerfest Asia 2010: Beer of the World Unite!

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  1. watched a bit of the vidz...ARE THEY REALLY FEMALES?!!! you're right...although i'm not familiar with AC/DC i'll be headbanging or going "SUGE!!!" when the guitarist does her stuffs...really like Angus Young nya!!! pity can't hear the lead vocalist though...thanks for telling about the bass...REALLY LOUD XD

  2. Yeah girls... cannot see the boobs meh? But yar, your kind of band.


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