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Terence and I constantly debate on the effects the internet, television, social media and gaming have on the effects of people (or young people). Over the years, the media has evolved to reflect more of the realities of life. In a good way, we have a lot more choices to engage in issues that interest us. At the same time, materials have also become more violent, crude, intense, graphic... a real in reel situation? Or is the real world bleeding because people have become so desensitized that nothing really surprise them anymore.

To me, the media works like a double edge sword. It can build or break. Call me optimistic, but as much of how much bad can come out of it, I've also seen a whole lot of good. If St. Paul was alive today, he will certainly be harnessing the powers of new media technologies. But one thing for sure, at least for the next couple of generations, this is going to linger around... perhaps in different forms.

Game designer, Jane McGonigal tries to uncover really interesting questions like;
"Why doesn't the real world work more like an online game?"
"What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems?"

Gaming statistics are staggering. We are talking millions of online gamers daily... billions of hours over a period of time... billions of dollars involved... We develop emotions, a culture, an industry... an addiction...

In the best-designed games, our human experience is optimized: We have important work to do, we're surrounded by potential collaborators, and we learn quickly and in a low-risk environment.

Her talk is both hopeful and insightful on the negative that gaming always reflect.
"Instead of providing gamers with better and more immersive alternatives to reality, I want all of us to be become responsible for providing the world with a better and more immersive reality." - Jane McGonigal

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