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There was no way in a ZILLION years anyone could make me attend the Mega Line Dance closing event for Singapore Arts Festival 2010; so I planned to watch a last free performance; The Hood by an Israelian company, La Passionata Svironi.

Winner of the Bat-Yam Street Festival, Israel 09, La Passionata Svironi has created a new genre of miniature and interactive theatre. Greeted first by a song and dance ensemble by the performers dressed in black and white faux-1950s 'Plesentville' outfits, singing tunefully about how they were all such good backstabbing neighbours, inviting us into their homes.

Each home (a charming little wendy-house with removable tops with holes you can stick your head and/or hands into) has a different story and character... one was the home of a pregnant lady, one sleeps around with the neighbour, one a weird celebrity psycho and another a bookworm (which was the house that we visited).

As such every house had their own puppets and props. Small groups of audiences were 'chosen' to put their heads inside seven miniature houses created by Svironi Michal and her team.

We waited patiently for about an hour before most of the kids had their turn and insisted on checking out the house of the bookworm. Audrey, the performer for the house was very animated and we could hear her enthusiasm from where we stood. We quickly understood why this was the home of the bookworm when we stuck our heads into the house and discovered a book-like arrangement with pages to display characters from. Celeste decided to role act with Audrey while Wendy and I enjoyed the show. Wendy had the additional task of providing music through a wind-up device on the side of the house.

Our story was about very sweet candy girl who couldn't find a mate and decided to put her dating profile on Facebook. Her date found her so sweet... he ate her!!!

It may appear childish, but it was very good fun. Celeste was great at the role play! Quite unfortunately, we could only visit 1 house as the crowd grew and being miniature, only 3 - 4 audiences (per house) can participate at one go. We were down a house as has a technical issue and everyone want a piece of the juicy in-house story.

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