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And as much as I love to hate FaceBook, I hate to love it some ways. Remembering that based on the many privacy concerns which have recently sprout up with FaceBook, it seems the company does not yet fully understand of what it requires to satisfy the needs and concerns of their users, nor did the company understand the implications of trying to scale out “Campus Culture” to the rest of the world.

While we can all agree that Social Networking is a tool that many of us want to use, most of us want the strictest assurances that our personal information and data is not going to be used for monetization purposes without our express permission, and that there will be controls in the system for preventing unauthorized access to that information.

Curtis Silver said it best on Geekdad:
“…Facebook is in fact, a business, and that your so-called ‘personal’ data was for sale. To economists and investors, this was no surprise at all. They all expected Facebook to make a genuine attempt to make money at some point, and what better way than demographic targeted advertising?”

Go ahead, tell FaceBook everything! That's exactly what they want us to do!

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