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A recent report by NetProspex ranks the world's largest corporations in regards to most social employees (hat tip to ReadWriteWeb). NetProspex used it proprietary measurement called the NPSI (Netprospex Social Index) to rank the corporations. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Juniper and Adobe were ranked 1 through 5. Here are some of the highlights:

- Microsoft wins the battle against Apple as its employees are far more vocal. Microsoft ranked #2 while Apple was outside the top 10 and #12.

- Coke wins in the classic battle of Coke vs. Pepsi. Coke was ranked #37 while Pepsi was outside of the top 50 (even though they launched their Pepsi Refresh Campaign).

- Southwest, who is really well known for it's social media strategies ranked #45, but was actually 1 place behind rival, US Airways.

Top 50 Most Social Companies by Employee Activity Infograph Sep 2010
Top 50 Most Social Companies by Employee Activities

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