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The princesses were presented with a beautiful gift from Sr. Wendy. A solely produced and original music CD entitled "Unconditional: Songs of faith, love & life". When I mentioned 'solely', Sr. Wendy penned and performed all the songs, designed the CD cover and had 1,000 pieces pressed for sale! In other words... she did EVERYTHING! She did comment that she had free help from her novices as backup singers! They added a very 'Kenyan' feel to the music.

The CD was produced to raise funds for the education of the younger sisters in the Kenyan Convent. It was her labour of love and a beautiful medium to shine her talents for the glory of God.

Perhaps when Sr. Wendy read this... she can provide more detail for the fund-raising effort. I still wanna get more pieces off you.

Picture of Sr. Wendy's guitar signed by Suzanne Vega!

The 12 tracks on the CD were written over the years with the last few songs taken off a parables video production produced in Kenya. The title song "Unconditional" was written and dedicated to her dad.

I personally enjoyed the slower ballad-like songs, "Lover of Your Soul" and "Brilliance of Your Love".

I've always been a fan of Sr. Wendy's music and voice. The CD may have been put together in a short span of time, but it is nevertheless inspiring. And really, one of these days... the princesses and Sr. Wendy must do a recording together! I'm sure it will be good entertainment when I grow old!

Personalised autograph! This will worth something when Sr. Wendy becomes a uber famous singing nun!

Signing my CD

Bali Boom Box Recording Tracks
Ciao Sr. Wendy (Part 2)
Ciao Sr. Wendy
Sing to Dawn
Sr Wendy & Olivia Newton-John (Part 2)
Sr Wendy & Olivia Newton-John


  1. "I personally enjoyed the slower ballet-like songs..."

    It's "ballAD-like"

    And I don't think it's 100 but rather 1000 pieces...


  2. Thanks Natasha!! Weevil is right - it was a thousand but believe it or not I had to re-order another lot and then another! :-)

  3. Yupez! 1,000 it should have been. Woah! What a blessing with the great CD sales!
    Next thing is to host the songs on iTunes!
    So how am I gonna get my lot of CDs? Shall we plan for another meet up, this time with Jo?



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