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Oscar Nite Invite 2011

Just 2 nights to the biggest movie event of the year - we celebrated Oscar Nite 2011! This year was a storm as I whipped up a feast of American Lasagna, Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes and Fruit Salad. Wendy completed the dinner with her Spanish / Portuguese Sangria punch. Mom helped to dig out a beautiful, glass punch bowl and we added an extra 'punch' of Cognac for the Oomph flavour.

Oscar Nite 2011
We are missing Terence and Jacinta in the picture, but they came a little later to finish up their share of food

Oscar Nite 2011
Serving up 2 trays of American Lasagna

Oscar Nite 2011
Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes best served with crispy bacon!

Oscar Nite 2011
Ensuring fiber for the night. Salad tossed with Jambu, Pears, Cherry Tomatoes, Yellow Capsicum and Raisins

The best dish of the night turned out to be a container of Sambal OX Chili which Elvyn picked up from his ex-girlfriend's mother. Yes, we were all surprised the ex's mom still makes him chili! The chili was bursting with flavours from the dried scallops, he-bi (dried shrimps) and fried onions. It was so good, we ate the chili by itself!

Oscar Nite 2011
What the spread of food looked like...

This year, I made it official (through a Facebook polling app.) for audiences to pick their film of choice. The 2 films with the most votes get to be screened. The films turned out to be "The Fighter", with the highest vote; followed by "Black Swan". I was happy to have my doze of Christian Bale for the night!

To accompany our movie screenings, we had Garret's Caramel Popcorn; compliments of Wendy! They were just soooooo good!

Thanks everyone for the great company! Till the next Oscar Nite!

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  1. "Wendy completed the dinner..."

    It is compleMENTED... because drinks can only complement food, not complete a course of meal. What really completed a course of meal was your very refreshing agar agar.

    "'punch' of Cognac for the Oomph flavour."

    oomph in small caps and italics because it is not a proper EL word.



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