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From The Stylistics 18022011
The Stylistics is prove that old men still can groove! In a private Uberchic Party, The Stylistics with their band were specially flown in, all the way from the US of A to perform their greatest hits in a one hour concert. I don't know many of their songs, but it was still a blast from the past!

Back in the cyclodelic era of the 70s, the Philadelphia soul group delivered hits like "You Are Everything", "Betcha by Golly, Wow", "You Make Me Feel Brand New" and "Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)"; which was used as the base for a Japanese advertisement campaign by Gatsby, to launch their new male hair styling product, 'Moving Rubber'. Even thinking of that commercial makes me laugh!

From The Stylistics 18022011
Eban Brown and Van Fields join original members Airrion Love and Herb Murrell in the new Stylistics. They swayed onto stage crooning the karaoke favourite "You Make Me Feel Brand New" with their classic footwork!

From The Stylistics 18022011
They were spinning and kicking! Two of those guys are from the 40s! I was pretty concerned about a possible sprained back or twisted ankle!

Here's a taste of them in their big hair and thick mustache days! Sing along now!

"Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)"

You Make Me Feel Brand New

From The Stylistics 18022011
From The Stylistics 18022011
And while I have the up close and personal opportunity, why not get another autograph CD for the collection!

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  1. huh?! u went to watch Stylistics?!?!?

    Whatever possessed you to go?!

    err... I went for manhatten transfer though :p


  2. It was a private performance. We flew them in to perform.

    Yes, figured you will go for Manhattan Transfer. They seemed like the only worthy act at the Mosaic Music Festival. Kindda disappointed at both Mosaic and Arts Fest this year. The line up very blah...


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