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I share snippets of conversations with Pascalene as I catch rides from her after our TOB prayer meetings fortnightly. We both agree that this year in particular "flew" by too quickly. I have offered to host this year's Christmas gathering for our community and realized that it's been a year since we had our last night picnic Christmas outing at Botanic Gardens! The speed at which we live each day at times worry me. The extended hours at work, the large amounts of miscellaneous things we rush about doing and the little attention we pay to our health and relationships. Sometimes I think about the nonsense life throws at me and I wonder how I learnt to manage quite a few things well enough.

One of the sweetest priest, Fr. Michael Arro once questioned in his sermon, "First ask yourself, is there something you are thankful for when you come to church?". And over the years, I started asking myself everyday (or at least I try to remember...);

Have I grown to be a more loving person?
Have I created a spark in someone with my actions or conversations?
Do I give a moment to quiet my heart?
Have I taken care of my body?

Surely there are more days than I would admit that I was probably too engrossed with myself.
And in my struggles to lead a God worthy life, I've been guided and blessed.

I danced [Salsa, Tango and Bachata]
I traveled [Jakarta, London, Penang, Australia]
I dived
I hiked [Cradle Mountains in Tasmania]
I led
I earned
I re-kindled broken friendships and fostered new ones
I deepen relationships with my TOB Community

Perhaps it was a fast year. But I am again thankful that it is a beautiful year.

Giving Thanks 2005

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