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For many years now, I have these Excel Spreadsheets that I use to tabulate my Christmas Gift List. Especially for the people in my life that I value and love, I'd want to be thinking of getting something meaningful each Christmas. The process of evaluating the right gift never come easy to me and quite often there will be a couple of gifts that are left till the last days of Christmas!

As I entered into Advent, I made it a point to pull out the Christmas Tree, blast out Christmas Carols, dig out my Advent Magnificat Companion and started to pick out gifts I've been thinking about getting. And part of what I do each Christmas is to spread a little VEGGIE Love. Joshua is a little young but I figured it wouldn't be an issue to introduce him to Larry, Bob and cool Bible Stories! I picked for him "VeggieTales - Heroes of the Bible - Lions, Shepherds and Queens (Oh My!)"

In the spirit of VeggieTales, I spent tonight watching "VeggieTales: It's a Meaningful Life". In the spoof of Roberto Benigni "Life is Beautiful" but not quite. Till you watch the movie, you wouldn't believe vegetables can teach you so much about self-worth. There is so much in the story that both young and old can learn from. And than there is Steven Curtis Chapman who wrote the theme song and shared about his life with his adopted daughter. Being able to adopt a child into family is such a beautiful thing. The next time Chapman is in town... someone please let me know!

VeggieTales: It's a Meaningful Life Trailer

Steven Curtis Chapman - Meant To Be

VeggieTales : Lord Of The Beans

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