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New Evangelisation in the Catholic Church - The New Evangelisation and the transformation of the Christian Faith
Faith is strengthen when it is shared with others.
The heart of evangelisation is an encounter with Jesus.
The Church begins by being evangelised herself. The church has a constant need (everyday) to being evangelised in the proclamation of the good news of God.

Cycle of Evangelisation
1) Discipleship
2) Befriending (Pre-evangelisation)
3) Faith Story (Active Evangelisation)
4) Christ Story (Active Evangelisation)
5) Invitation (Active Evangelisation)
6) Integration (Continued Evangelisation)

Why do we need to evangelise?
What is the proposal?

Jesus is the ONLY Lord and Saviour and in Jesus ONLY can we be saved.
The only religion in the world where Jesus Christ is the ANSWER to every problem.
"Sell everything and follow me" - Luke 18:22
You cannot serve God and wealth.
Is Christianity just like any other religion?
Most other religion leads to God / Enlightenment. In Christianity, the founder (Jesus, became a man) is God himself.
God is a movement = God became a man. The movement (upon baptism) urges us to partake in missionary.

"Being a Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction." - Deus Caritas Est

Human love is not the only love.
Human love is conditional and selfish.
Human love not rooted in the love of Jesus Christ is weak.
Human love in Christ - Gives.
An evangelising community is one that evangelises to one another.

An evengeriser is someone who is working with God stage by stage.

Skills of Befriending
Entering into the life of another person just as Jesus has entered my life.
The way Jesus treated people was the way of evangelisation.

Ability to identify with the personality type.
Identify the breakthrough moment.
What was the point of connection?

Qualities of a Befriender
1) Openness
2) Smile
3) Willing to listen
4) Encouraging
5) Courageous - Identity in Christ
6) Non Judgmental
7) Pro-active
8) Persistent
9) Sincerity
10) Confidence
11) Self awareness
12) Gentleness

What to notice about self
1) Fear of rejection
Learn to rest and relay in God. Prayer.

2) Can I be myself?

Purpose of the Faith Story
To stir the Heart

Theology of the Faith Story
1) Christ has died (before)
2) Christ is risen (during)
3) Christ will come again (after)

"Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies it bears much fruit" - John 12:24
Structure of writing a Faith Story
Acts 22:3-21
a) Background and life before encounter with Christ
b) Conversion Experience
c) Life after conversion

1) To the point
2) Factual, truthful and honest
3) Centered on God's mercy and faithfulness, on self/others
4) Share on faith story at a time, choose appropriate one
5) Speak the language of the listener - avoid theological jargon

*Notes taken from CAYC Evangelisation Workshop 14 July 2012

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