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Sometimes I wonder why we make a mountain out of a molehill about what our expectations of Catholism is about. We justify all our actions to make life better for ourselves but end up replacing the important things with unnecessary trinkets of life.

Evanglisation then becomes so unnecessary because not practicing it allows us to stay way inside our comfort zone, but the alternative is the escalation of problems for ourselves and our children's generation from the very mere fact of that if we do not speak out the good news of God and the love he has and wants us to have, it never impresses that we are loved and in return we fail to love. This voids society of a deep love and love surfaces to the top and becomes shallow and frail. Love loses its meaning and what passes off as love is but the mere shadow of love. This shadow of love containing little to no substance becomes the replacements and standard of love that is passed on to the children and the game continues in the downward fashion spiralling more and more into a controlled love, which is the very oxymoronic. The game at hand is like the master chess player, knowing the game is over 10 steps before the finale.

Is God a theory? Is evil a theory? Is it not happening around us and within us both God and evil? Yet we fail to choose a side, instead we live on both sides (me being the first to admit). Two sides, two routes, yet only one soul, hence there is no direction. There is only stagnation and that is more comfortable.

So the opposite, if we are convinced that the good news is truely good, why is the world not shaped in that mould. Why are we not sharing what is good in our lives? Romans 3:23 maybe hints that we are far from the glory of God, but the very next verse tells us to get off our butts and say that because of Christ we are redeemed. Sometimes I ask myself if I truely believe in that. The further I am from the glory of God, the less I see him as the King in my life. Have we surrender our lives to him, or have we just given him certain areas of our lives? Are we convinced of him as King or have we convinced ourself that the King is far off?
Dennis, thank you for sharing cause it really made think too about which side of the fence do I really want to stand on. And is my claim to wanting to love and serve Christ really about my self-interest and/or convenience? And sometimes in my fear and state of lost, I am comforted by the fact that all I really need is to depend on you Lord. To trust that if I say "yes", I will trust that you will guide me everywhere.

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