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I confess that more often than not, I do not think about Evangelisation. More often than not, this "obligatory" mission of my Christian faith is lost in my everyday struggles of "getting by with life", achieving the next "big" thing or accomplishing the next task on my countless lists. Then occasionally, by God's grace; I am again reminded of my Christian calling to bring forth the redemption story, the greatest love story... and I back track again on what it really mean to have in me always the spirit of Evangelisation.

What to me really is this Evangelisation spirit? Is my trying to be the reflection of Christ it? That though I know I fail everyday, my wanting to be right and good will allow me to be an instrument of love? That in my wanting to be right and good, I have to constantly stay close to the truth of Christ and emerse myself in His unconditional love.
The command to proclaim the Good News in word, deed and in our very being is given to all by virtue of our baptism and confirmation. It is our duty to make Christ known. Of course, this duty comes about not as a burdensome obligation but an imperative that springs from our own experience and conviction of the Good News and His plan for us. It is this profound understanding and appreciation of the noble destiny of all humankind to be one with Christ in God that will spur us on in our mission of bringing people to Christ. In this way, we will be able to bring about the fulfillment of the plan of God for us all. And as we reclaim our lost inheritance which is our freedom and joy to be God’s adopted children of the same family, we bring the fulfillment of God’s plan in our lives when all things come together under Christ, as head, everything in the heavens and everything on earth.

Written by Rev. Fr. William Goh
Spiritual Director, Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC)

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