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My brain is in a constant motion, thinking, conceptualizing, re-organizing, reflecting, dreaming... I think deeply into too many things. In fact, I pretty much get paid to think. I am alive when I think. I believe that we have a brain for a specific reason to rationalize. My brain goes into overdrive way too often with too much thinking?

When does it stop? Does it stop? Can it even stop?

I've been thinking about the thought of "thinking" lately and the importance of being "present" in each moment. How aware am I of being distracted? I say this cause I get caught up with my own thoughts all the time even when sometimes all I really want is to "clear" my mind or not have any opinion. It's almost ironic cause the fact of me trying not to think or to think about not thinking in itself is THINKING!

I want to think about refocusing my time each day to spend a little time truly in just being away from the world. Not necessary to be in a quiet, secluded place but perhaps to be by myself. In my mind's hidden sanctuary, I am called to "Come away and not think for awhile"...

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