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The Band!

I was told that three months ago, this bunch of youngsters couldn't properly play a music instrument. On a mission to perform three songs at the weekend's St. Teresa Annual Food & Fun Fair, they come together tirelessly to practice every Saturday afternoon. I think they realized their efforts truly paid off when the crowd of over a hundred cheered them on after every song. In my eyes they were ROCK STARS! Maybe more toward the Mat Stars... but Stars nevertheless.

They even had a fan girl base downstage! I love the fact that when these young people put their heart and soul into doing something, they really shine. Pretty sure God was smiling down at them!

The Rock Chicks

This Is The Air I Breathe

Lord I lift Your Name On High

Victory To Our King

Here's to
Annabel - Lead Vocals
Sonia - Second Vocals
Isabel - Acoustic Guitar
Martin - Acoustic Guitar
Shaun - Electric Guitar
Dinesh - Bass Guitar
Marcus - Drums

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