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Where there is Sharing there is Listening.
Listening… is a means of offering support and loving accountability. It is one of the most important ways to care for each other. Listening well is a learned skill and not easy by any means.
Facilitating faith sharing moves the group to become more aware of their personal and communal experience of Jesus Christ in their lives. Each member brings a range of experiences and different stories, all of which the facilitator must value and honour.

I presented a session to the FIT Team on Facilitators Training Techniques for Christian Sharing.
The presentation included
- Learning how to set the stage for group sharing
- Learning the different characters in sharing and what to watch out for

The 7 Characters in Sharing

1) The Dominator
Monopolizes conversation. May not be aware of it. Comments on everything. Unintentionally or intentionally controls the conversation. May constantly talk about their own needs.

2) The Silent Passive
Unwilling to share. May be hurt, offended, or shy. Shares only superficially.

3) The Advice Giver
Wants people to feel better. Ready to help, even if not asked. Wants to fix problems. Means to be caring, but comes across as not listening.

4) The Distracter
Changes the subject. Constant joking. Trivial tangents. Takes discussions off subject, which disrupts meetings and makes people feel the Distracter isn’t listening or focus on the sharing.

5) The Dictator
Into control. Likes to direct the group and lead where things “need” to go. Benevolent and wants to care for others, like a facilitator. Dictator does not negotiate. Knows the Likes to set rules.

6) The Know-it-all
See themselves as the expert whose role is to teach. Can shut a group down if others don’t feel they have the knowledge to speak.

7) The Insensitive
Makes fun of answers and people, cuts people off, or does a variety of other things to offend members within the group.

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