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I'm not a fan of change when something works well for me. And so it did for 5 good years. The White Theme (built for Web 2.0) came to life in 2008 following the Polaroid. With White was a new domain name which I have recently renewed. I loved White for many reasons, but mostly for the clean and uncluttered feel of the site. I loved that it has no frills and helped me to focus largely on delivering my writings and my pictures. Previously, I penned down my thoughts on a more regular basis, but in recent years with the emergence of micro-blogging; the patience to sit and write dwindled. Ever so often, I enjoy scanning through my past posts. Those ridiculous events and experiences in my life that made me exactly who I am. Now over 10 years, I discover subtlety the changes in my mindset, interest and style in my writing. I may not even know it, but writing have definitely molded me in personality and character.

The version 5.0 skin needed to possess the same white clean feel. I wanted pages to load fast with minimal javascript, capable in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a design that is responsive to any screen on any browser and on any device. The new skin is called Minimum and it scales beautifully to fit in any device screens, making reading easier. And as much as I loved the former White Theme, I dig Minimum!

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Minimum Homepage

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Minimum Content Page

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Minimum Search Page

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Minimum Sitemap

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Minimum Contact

Hopefully I will work to get the portfolio pages put together. Something that is so overdue I can't even begin to start...

As I have shared before, Write. Even when you don't have to.

Write. Even when you don't have to
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