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Each year as the Singapore Night Festival return to transform our urban cityscape into a dazzling wonderland playground, crowds gather in front of the Singapore Arts Museum (SAM)to catch the ever popular projection lighting that illuminate the old St. Joseph Institute (SJI) building to ones wildest imagination. For the past years, projection and computer artists make the impossible happen. Here's a little walk back memory lane as SAM re-skins itself each year.

Mimoïd II
Mimoïd II transformed the Singapore Arts Musuem (SAM) into a spectacle of projection wonder. Mimoïd II presented a constantly evolving architecture of a building where each transformation is based on the building's history and structure. The artwork goes beyond history, into the anticipation of paradise and the unknown. The word "Mimoïd" comes from Stanislas Lem's book, Solaris. The Mimoïds, which are wave formations of hundreds of thousands of pixels, have a particular fondness for all human artefacts and they imitate and 'give variations on the theme of a given object'.

The Magic Melody by Tigrelab
(Light sculpture) @ School of the Arts
During the 2013 Singapore Lights Festival the Singapore Art Museum transformed into an immersive futuristic instrument. A video mapping prologue introduced the essence of the instrument, showing how visuals and sounds combine with each other to establish a dialogue between architecture and people. Audiences were awed-inspired as an ingenious interactive video-mapping project magically translated sounds generated by your mobile devices into gigantic visual creations onto SAM’s façade, right before your very eyes. “The Magic Melody” was a collaboration between creative studio Tigrelab and the interactive art practice Welovecode.

Spirits of Nature

In this multimedia extravaganza, the faccedilade, balconies, windows and columns of the Singapore Art Museum transformed into a vast canvas showcasing the beauty of Mother Nature. On this giant canvas, natural elements came alive with spirits of their own; winds rumble and blow, fires are sparked and nature blooms. Be enthralled by the fantastical spirits of nature that surrounds and engulfs us in an immersive showcase of light and sound.

Looking back at my past posts, I started visiting the Night Festivals since 2009! It remains one of the premiere night events in Singapore not to be missed.

Nocturnals Roam at the Night Festival 2009

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