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It took a while to finally pull through the Period Poverty Challenge in the 40acts: The Lent Generosity Challenge. I was heartened that a simple sharing of the blog article shed light on this topic of menstrual hygiene and inspired a few to take action with me. I was glad the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) Singapore at STC accepted my offering. SSVP provide direct help to the poor and under-privileged of all religions, providing monetary assistance (for education and medical expenses), food rations and befriending services. On many occasions, I witnessed buffet lunch catered at the parish canteen, where a hearty meal was enjoyed and ration bags issued.

Since the bloodshed of the coronavirus, COVID-19, I heard that NTUC vouchers were issued to families to reduce contact and interaction. Though vouchers allowed families to make their own desired purchases, it may also meant prioritizing the need for food over sanitary products. Again, what many of us think of as a basic necessity, may just not be to another.

I cannot be more grateful for Celeste, Colleen, Winni, Sharon and Stephen for stepping up and volunteering both time and money to this cause. They did not have to lend a hand, but they did. To Irene for hooking me up with the donation. And to the other few who shared your interest to participant in future charity works, I am certain there many more opportunities for us to do good. Thank you for your big hearts! Together we purchased four boxes of sanitary products to be donated to SSVP. I do hope the products improve the quality of lives for the ladies and girls that receive them. More importantly to me is for the awareness created.

The activities in the #40actsGenerosityChallenge haven't all been simple. Many I realised will actually take some time to carry out. It is the trying and keeping at it that makes this Lent Challenge so captivating. Giving me time to task and also time to reflect. Some, I am still praying for the courage to perform. Like the challenge to Donate Blood! I dislike needles and I honestly cannot overcome this fear. Perhaps one day, real courage will befall me. One day perhaps...

40acts: The Lent Generosity Challenge - Day 3 Period Poverty

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