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One of those classic days when your plans don't work out and something else beautiful blossom in its place.
You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you were meant to be. - Jessica Taylor

Well, firstly, I was supposed to be on a lovely weekend cruise with the family. The cruise arrangements were booked late 2019 and it was an event my mom was especially looking forward to. It got cancelled by the cruise company due to the growing threats of the COVID-19 Coronavirus and the explosion of cases onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship where some 700 people were infected and 6 passengers died.

But since I had already applied for leave, I thought why not just take it and head out to the Disney Magic of Animation Exhibit at the Art Science Museum. The exhibit was scheduled to close end of March. That would have made a lovely afternoon had the entire premise not been CLOSED for cleaning and disinfection! Apparently there were suspect COVID cases traced!

So Sakura Matsuri @ Gardens By The Bay was like plan C, and thankfully it was still operating with a sweet 50% for Singapore residents at S$6 to visit the Sakura Matsuri exhibit. Within the cool temperate Flower Dome, over 500 cherry and peach blossom trees greeted us featuring around 20 different award-winning Sakura flower spices.

For the Instagram finish, they threw in the iconic orange Torii gates and miniatures of the Gassho-style farmhouse. The distinctive steep thatched roofs of the Gassho-style farmhouses will take you right into the postcard-famous Shirakawago! These sloping roofs were designed to withstand the heavy snowfall that the Takayama region gets in winter.

You can't see it as clearly in the pictures, but we were already at the tail end of the exhibit and most of the flowers have lost their fresh pink glory. I could imagine the space looking very vibrant just 2 weeks before. But, when it comes to Sakura Blooms, I have experienced my fill in Hokkaido. I've commented that I've seen enough Sakuras for a very long time! But strangely, there is something in the intricate pink, red and white petals of a Sakura that constantly delight.

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