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I'm going to have to rave about Pixar's latest Disney feature "Finding Nemo". Pixar's done it again nailing it both in humour and it's animation. The brand of gags had the sure win formula perfected in "Monsters, INC". I honestly had a great time laughing my guts out (Ellen Degeneres as Dory in the Whale scene was a killer)! While the simple story carried through enough, the after thoughts of the movie fell back to my great love for animation. The rendering technology for water and depth is awesome! Water being one of the toughest element any animator will agree upon - too many factors; depth of field, murky particles, light rays, reflection & refraction... and the list goes on. At the end of the day - it's a truly enjoyable movie. It's wholesome goodness for everyone!

I've missed blading the last 2 weekends. Then there's all these feasting lately, I've decided to make an appointment with the gym. Going to sweat of some fats after work and topping it (hopefully) with an early night.

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