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At this mid year pause... I am honestly forced to focus on "what have been", "what should have been" and tie up on all the loose ends. Looking ahead, there is only 6 more months (yeeks!) before the year draws to a close with Christmas and all. Maybe being in my mid-twenties have worried me on how to better improve my state of life. Not that it is all horrible and all... but definitely can be much improved (in all ways), in terms of skill set, relationship with family and friends, spiritually and fitness wise. On the more positive note - that is also some to be proud about and a good deal to give thanks for.

The overview so far:
1) JANUARY: Broadband - Need I say more... still loving it!
2) MARCH : Iraq War - Blasted in March and neatly came to a close
3) APRIL : SARS - Singapore was declared SARS free on Sunday, 1st June - The scare had simmer down, but the generally, we're still concerned.
HK, China, Taiwan and Canada are still red
4) APRIL : 16th SIFF - During the peak of SARS, film buffs braved the theatres to check out some wholesome art / good films at the Singapore International
Film Festival . Due to the lack of funds, I did miss out on other interesting festivals...
5) APRIL : Investment - It's a small and steady step. At least it's a STEP!
6) MAY : Rollerblading - This had topped the healthiest thing I did this year (besides drinking Yakult). Great to be in the Sun again!
7) MAY : HK DVD - It's about 3/4 now... I'm really seeing the end...

It's actually quite nice to have a little closure on some pending work. Over the weekend, I marked out 10 things I wanted do. Got some good ideas for a animated story, planned on some training material and drafted how the STC website is going to be like (will need to do so for NatRek). All I need now is the determination and time to accomplish all of them... scary!

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