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Woohoo! I've officially complete season 9 of 'Friends'! What a ridiculous ending! My lips are zipped to those who want to grueling watch it every Monday nights. It has certainly turned stale, with some occasional laughs. It's going to be hard to sit through another season (unless some extraordinary breakthrough happens)... I've got a couple more episodes before 'Scrubs' (now this one is *fonnie*) ends. I was so exhausted on Monday night (namely due to the extended blading the evening before), I just flopped onto bed and watched like 5-6 episodes at a go! When that ends, I'll move on quickly to finish 'Smallville' and get it outta the way! I've been wanting to follow up on 'The West Wing'; but with 'Enterprise', 'Deep Space Nine', 'Alias' and 'Ghost in the Shell - The Animated Series' waiting behind... I think I might have to give it a miss for the time being.

The Great Singapore Sale started last weekend... I've been wanting to change my wardrobe... maybe now is seriously a good time? The new look will present more colours and prints. Yeah... so not me right... well, the change should be gradual, and hopefully will make me appear happier, brighter and fresher! So shallow!

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